Mindoro Studios

Violin and Piano Lessons in Beautiful Orange County


Lauren came highly recommended to us three years ago by a family friend. I had promised my oldest daughter that she could take violin lessons after four years of learning how to play the piano. Instantly, Lauren and my daughter bonded. I have not had to coerce her into practicing, and she always looks forward to her lessons. In fact, if a lesson gets missed due to unforeseen circumstances, it gets a little gloomy around our house.

About a year into our lessons, my younger daughter expressed interest in piano lessons again. In an attempt to save money, time, and the energy needed to seek out another piano teacher, I asked Lauren if she would be willing to teach piano to my younger child when she finished violin lessons with my older one each week. That, too, was a perfect match.

Lauren is a gifted musician with the skill and patience necessary to teach young students. She has high expectations, yet is gentle in her approach. She is easy to work with and the kids love her! They are progressing in their skills and enjoy their lessons immensely.
— Tanya Clifton
I absolutely love violin, but if Lauren couldn’t teach me, I think I would quit. I love Lauren. She is like part of the family. I hope she can teach me for a long time yet.
— Tessa Clifton (11 years old)
As an adult learner, I found Lauren to be a very patient, sensitive but yet persistent teacher. I was able to advance at my own pace and enjoyed her teaching methods and the interactions with her other students. I highly recommend her as a teacher.
— Irene Abraham
Lauren is an extremely talented, passionate, and understanding violin teacher that I had the pleasure of taking violin lessons from for 3 years during high school. She is an extremely motivating person and always gave me challenging yet entertaining pieces to play, so I always felt myself continually improving and learning more through taking her lessons.

Her own experience from practicing from a young age definitely helped me learn invaluable practice skills and techniques that helped me improve in areas that I struggled with. During my 3 years of taking lessons from her, my technique and difficulty level of pieces dramatically improved. Hearing her play was always such a delightful experience because of her amazing talent, and helped me to understand better the music that I was playing at the time. Lauren was always very gracious in coaching me for solos in concerts or for music festivals as well, and frequently came to watch me play in my school orchestra.

She is extremely professional and very organized in planning her lessons and recitals. As someone who is young and still full of life, it was also very easy to get along with her because of her great personality. She is a great mentor who served as a huge inspiration for me, and I would definitely recommend her to any student pursuing their love of music.
— Mayuko Inoue